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Warranty Policy


Your Nikon equipment has been manufactured to meet the highest quality standards by Nikon Corporation. We urge you to take good care of your equipment and always follow the usage and maintenance instructions in the user’s manual carefully. If you do, the equipment will serve you long and well. During the warranty period, repairs or adjustments will be made free of charge only upon presentation of the Nikon Warranty Card together with the sales receipt or other evidence of purchase to a Nikon service facility. If the documents cannot be presented or if the information contained in it is incomplete or illegible, Nikon reserves the right to refuse free-of-charge warranty service.

Extended 'Guarantees' (Legal or Dealer Guarantees)
Some Nikon retailers may provide extended legal or commercial guarantees which exceed the Nikon Warranty. Any claims for warranty service under this kind of extended guarantee must be handled between the CONSUMER and the RETAILER. In this case please contact your local retailer. Nikon service facility may not be able to support this kind of commercial agreement made between the RETAILER and CONSUMER. This is especially the case when a retailer purchases a Nikon product through an unofficial distribution channel, it is then considered to be a Grey Market product. If the product is deemed to be a Grey Market product, Nikon reserves the right to refuse the service or repairs.

International warranties for NIKKOR interchangeable lenses and accessories
From January 2021, Nikon will begin the gradual transition of products with international warranty to local warranty that is specific to the country of sale. For more information [Click here].

Warranties for binoculars, fieldscopes and laser rangefinders
Please refer to the “How to use your Nikon Service Warranty Card” leaflet which comes together with the product for service instructions.